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Climate Change Adaptation Planning within the Chippewas of Georgina Island First Nation

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Climate Change Community Advisory Committee

Year 1 – Interim Report

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Year 2 Objectives

Year 2 – Final Report

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The Committee will be consist of the following:

•             Chair – Rebecca Trumble,

•             Band Staff Member – Kerry-Ann Charles,

•             Tim Taylor – Youth

•             Heather Charles – Adult

•             Tammy Charles– Adult

•             Lenora Charles– Adult

•             Penny Trumble– Adult

•             Ellie Big Canoe– Adult

•             Jared Big Canoe– Adult

•             Albert Big Canoe – Elder

•             Charles Warren– Elder


The Georgina Island Climate Change Adaptation Project has been developed to promote a greater understanding of the effects of Climate Change upon our environment and our community. The Community Adaptation Liaison (CAL) team will be providing information through community meetings and with educational materials provided by our project partner Ontario Center for Climate Impact and Adaptation Conservation (OCCIAR). The CAL’s will also be recruiting, educating and assisting a committee of people representative of the community who will be known as the Community Advisory Committee. The Advisory Committee of Georgina Island will support the Climate Change Adaptation Planning within the community as we strive to:

1.            Provide for support for the Georgina Island First Nation community,

2.            Research and add to the body of knowledge within Georgina Island First Nation as to the effects of Climate Change and the impacts of various adaptation strategies,

3.            Serve as an advocate for community members regarding the effects of climate change,

4.            Enhance community awareness of the impacts of Climate Change within the community,

5.            Promote active involvement of community members


This Community Advisory Committee will be asked to examine the current status of Climate Change in our region and become aware of the changes expected in the near to long term future. They will be looking at impacts to the lake, wildlife, native plant species and community infrastructure. They will also be studying the effect of seasonal changes and the impact it is having on the annual ice road. They will be tasked with examining and recommending courses of action for the leadership of the community to pursue.


To utilize Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK) to guide in developing an adaptation strategy,

To meet a minimum of two times per month and discuss impacts of climate change on;

•             The lake in every season

•             The land, animals, plants, streams and shorelines

•             Built infrastructure: water treatment and delivery, roads and administrative buildings

•             Transportation and transportation infrastructure

To prepare a report and a list of recommendations for Chief and Council, the Lake Simcoe Watershed Climate Change Adaptation Strategy, the Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority, the Ministry of the Environment and the Ontario Center for Climate Impact and Adaptation Resources,

Advise the Community Adaptation Liaison on the appropriate structures and processes necessary within the Georgina Island community  to ensure effective consumer and community participation at all levels of climate change planning and delivery,

Identify and advise the Community Adaptation Liaison on priority climate change areas and issues requiring consumer and community participation,

Undertake other activities and projects as agreed with the Project team from time to time,

Advocate on behalf of the community


It is expected that:

•             All advisory board and committee meetings are to be conducted in public session

•             Individual committee members and the collective group will be fair, impartial and respectful of the public, staff, and each other.

•             Committee members will respect the limitations of their individual and collective authority. The role of the committee is to advise the community of Georgina Island and project team.

•             Thus, please keep in mind that committee appointment does not empower you to make final decisions,

•             Members will strive to appreciate differences in approach and point of view, whether from each other, the community, Chief and Council, or project team

•             Each member will participate in the group’s discussions and work assignments, without dominating the discussion or activity of the committee.

•             The CAL will act as chair of the committee and will ensure that all members have a fair, balanced and respectful opportunity to share their knowledge and perspectives.

•             The committee will attempt to reach consensus on issues. If consensus is not possible, strong differing opinions such as “minority” opinions should be recorded and acknowledged in the committee’s report to the project team.


“Conflict of Interest”       means an Advisory Committee member’s personal and/or business competes with his or her responsibility to act in the best interest of the Band and/or Community as a whole.

Each Advisory Committee member has an obligation to avoid conflicts of interest. In a conflict of interest does arise, a member shall declare the conflict at the earliest opportunity disclosing the details of such and then removing themselves from the discussion. The remaining panel members shall review the circumstances and decide if a conflict exists. If it is found by the members that a conflict does not exist, the member may still refrain from participating in a meeting(s) where he/she does not feel comfortable after stating their case to the Advisory Committee with just cause.

Members of the Advisory Committee may ask a Panel member to refrain from participating in a meeting(s) due to conflict of interest after stating their case with just cause.

If a member of the Advisory Committee believes that another member is in conflict of interest and has not declared it, it is the responsibility of that member to inform the Chairperson of the perceived conflict of interest and the Chairperson will rule on the matter.

In a case where the Chair refrains or is asked to refrain from participating in a meeting(s) due to conflict of interest, it shall be decided among the remainder of the Committee as to who will Chair the meeting.

If the Advisory Committee or other body is unable to act due to conflict of interest, the matter shall be referred to the Council

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