“Yesterday we left Big Bay Point after conducting a water ceremony, making our offerings and putting gifts, prayers out to nibi/water. At each place we stopped we continued that. Seeing creators gifts and a trail of feathers all along the way. We arrived in Orillia and than to Atherly were we stayed for our rest. Tomorrow we will be back out on the water. The night before we left Big Bay Point we planned our route of travel. Knowing the water has a greater force and will determine what will take place out there. We accept what will be and naturally to follow that flow. Each individually encountering our own challenges and experiences we all and will have our own stories, lessons and teachings to gain and share from this. We honour and respect our traditional ways and I can’t stress enough how important this journey is and what we are doing. The care for the water is so important and maintaining that purity. We thank everyone for the prayers of safety, health and our well being. But please we want prayers of healing for the water, we want to amplify that vibration for the water. Tomorrow while we are out on the water, go out to the water. Sing to the water, pray for the water put your semaa/tobacco out for the water. With so many threats the water faces the support in that work is so important. Don’t pray for us, pray with us …. Nibi/water will take care of us if we all do this work together on land or on the water. We have a team of support planning and watching for our safety and we are prepared to stop at anytime if we feel our safety could be compromised in anyway. Watch for us as we make our way home.” Pchi Kwe

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